Saturday, December 1, 2012

Learning Team Love

On Thursday, we had our last learning team meeting of 2012.  Since meeting for the first time on August 15th, we have met every Monday through Thursday night, excluding two dedicated internship recruiting weeks, two exam periods, and Thanksgiving break.  54 meetings at two hours a pop on average.  That's 108 hours we've spent together in the past four months.  Without their help, I have no idea how I could have made it this far.  And now, after taking two of my four exams for this term and actually feeling pretty good about them, I am certain I couldn't have done it without all of their help doing the cases for our classes and the shared stress ranting.  So thank you, guys!

For our last meeting, we surprise celebrated one of our birthdays with Mellow Mushroom pizza and tiramisu.   Feeling pretty good about the cases for the next day, we actually just hung out talking for a couple of hours.  It was exactly what I needed to take the edge off the recruiting and finals pressure.

LT 50
And just because it's hilarious in looking back, here are our best photos from our get-to-know-your-learning-team photo scavenger hunt in August.  We somehow came up with the idea that one of us would dress us like a vampire and slowly kill the team off in each photo...with Mr. B killing the vampire in the last photo!  (I believe we took 3rd place thanks to that zany idea!)

Birdwood golf course
at Arch's

in front of the Rotunda

North Grounds Rec Center

Darden's TJ statue

being killed by Mr. B

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