Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Well we've gotten about 7 inches of snow and counting. UVa canceled all classes across the university, so on the day before term 4 exams, when we really needed those last few classes for review, we're stuck on our own. It also didn't help that power went out for many of us at our apartments, and also across many parts of main and north grounds. Thankfully, I got power back after a few hours, but that didn't make it any easier to study when all I really wanted to do was go play in the snow and then curl up with a movie and some hot chocolate.

So I trudged over to Darden, which has had power for most of the day to try to force myself to study. Unfortunately, I've been here for two hours and haven't opened my books.

BUT...what I have gotten done is setting up a twitter account for this blog! Hopefully that will mean even more frequent updates about life here at Darden. Be sure to check it out! @rollingship

And here are some photos from my walk over in the snow: